Thelmita’s coffee was reviewed by several customers and these are the factors taken into consideration during the evaluation, flavor, aroma, price, and accessibility. These were the takeaways.

Is Thelmita’s Coffee worthy of your purchase? Let’s see below. 

Let’s begin with the flavor category. Thelmita’s coffee changes its specialty roasting every year, which means that customers have tried a little bit of everything. This year, we selected something nippy and acidic. This starts with a delicate balance of flavors and notes, ending with a salty mellow finish. In the past, we have specialty roasted coffee giving it a nutty flavor with a dash of honey. Our customers give it a 4.6/5. 

Up next is the aroma category. Why is aroma important in coffee, or in any food whatsoever? Let us explain its importance. Aroma evaluates the state of food, also it is what triggers your appetite. In other words, aroma awakens your senses. Thelmita’s coffee is looking to create a pleasant sensory experience each time you drink your cup of coffee. Due to the delicacy of our roasting process, the aroma is not aggressive, on the contrary, it is soft and memorable. Our customers give it a 5/5. Isn’t this nice? 

Unfortunately, many specialty coffee brands are way too expensive, not budget friendly. Lucky for you, Thelmita’s specialty coffee is your wallet’s best friend. Your cup of Thelmita’s specialty coffee is worth every penny you invest on it. Our loyal customers are pleased with the pricing, giving it a 4.3/5 rating.

The majority of our customers reside in the Middle East. How about accessibility? Thelmita’s coffee is distributed to our customers in Dubai through Jahani Trading, a branch of Jahani and Associates. This makes our coffee accessible to our customers in all of the Middle East. Accessibility rating is 4/5.

Returning to our main question, is Thelmita’s coffee worth of your purchase?

The answer is yes, no hesitations. We work hard and put all of our efforts to produce a high-quality specialty coffee for you.